The Guard of Honor Today

Members of the Guard of Honor Association can be found in over thirty countries throughout the world and include several Popes, clergy, religious and laity.  Recently, there has been a dynamic growth of the Guard of Honor around the world especially in Paray-le-Monial and throughout France.

Important Points

  1. The main end of the Guard of Honor is to console the wounded Heart of Jesus by offering Him a threefold homage of glory, love and reparation.
  2. The Association aspires to ensure that at all hours of the day, fervent Christians are attentive to Christ’s burning love for us.
  3. To this end, the members choose one hour of the day to be attentive to the presence of Jesus.  It is not necessary to spend the Hour of Guard in prayer, nor in church.  At their chosen hour, each member, without changing any of their usual occupations, place themselves in spirit at the foot of the tabernacle.  There they offer to Jesus their thoughts, words, actions and sufferings, and above all their desire to console His divine Heart by their love.
  4. An additional Hour of Mercy may also be chosen for the intention of a special person or persons, family, or social group in the spirit of reparation.  Because of the lack of faith and abandonment of the practice of religion of many – parents, spouses and friends have taken it upon themselves to offer an “Hour of Mercy” for the conversion of one or more of their loved ones.
  5. All members are highly recommended to participate in the First Friday Mass.  Frequent sacramental communion is also highly recommended.
  6. To become a member, you must:  a) be properly registered at an official center, i.e., Visitation Monastery (which is also accomplished through this website);  b)  faithfully keep the Hour of Guard that one has chosen (nothing obliges under pain of sin).

In choosing the Hour, please refer to The Dial page for your selection.

Please make sure you tell us in the entry box below, [provided for the Hour of Mercy intentions (initials), whether or not you decide to do the Hour of Mercy], the way you heard about the Guard of Honor – USA. After you have registered you will receive, within 72 hours, a confirmation email from the Director of the Guard of Honor – USA.  If by chance you do not receive this confirmation email please advise us by email at Thank you.

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Guard of Honor Manual ($10 + S&H) - This small book contains prayers and reflections as well as the history and statutes of the Guard of Honor

Are you a member with a local chapter?- Local chapters help members to support one another in their devotion and prayer.

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