Kids for the Sacred Heart


Consoling the Sacred Heart of Jesus for Children

A way to involve a child in devotion to the Sacred Heart


What you need:

 Any heart shaped container (preferably something clear)Heart Container 1Red marbles (or another red item that will fit inside your container)red marbles pix

What to do:

Tell the child about making sacrifices for or saying prayers to Jesus’ Heart.  Teach them how much Jesus wants them to love Him.  These little acts can show Jesus that they love Him and fill His Heart.

Give the child the container as a symbol of Jesus’ Heart, waiting to be loved.  Then give the child the marbles and tell them that each marble represents a sacrifice or prayer that he or she made for Jesus!  These we can call “gifts” for Jesus.

Every time the child makes a little sacrifice or says a prayer, they can put the marble (or gift) into the container until it is full.

When it is full, explain that Jesus’ Heart has been filled by their little acts and now He wants to pour out His Love.  They can choose a picture, a map, or any other symbolic item they wish Jesus to pour out love upon and then let them empty the marbles onto the item.  Jesus is pouring out His love on these people or this part of the world in honor of the little gifts they have given Him.  He turned their gifts into His love and now He pours them out on those in need.

world-map 1